Indie Folk Artist in British Columbia


...with cream, no sugar

For the sake of the genre, I am a folk-singer-songwriter, but  I prefer to call myself a storyteller. Here's a bit of the backstory to own tale:


I grew up in Holland, Michigan in the 1980's, in a musical household. My dad wrote songs and my mom taught my sister and me to harmonize with each other (though there was always much discord over the use of the bathroom). We sang as a family in church and wore matching outfits (my sister and me - not my dad).

The first song I remember writing was a tune I ghost-wrote for my Barbie, who was a legit rockstar. Unbeknownst to me, a neighbor boy was listening in. Starstruck he told me it was beeeaaauuutiful. I don't know if this single event encouraged me or not, but I continued to write, even after Barbie retired.


My freshmen year of college was  academically limp which left me lots of free time to create, most of which I spent collage journaling and learning to play simple cover songs on the 1970's Guild my father gifted me at graduation. I transferred to a more rigorous school where I honed story crafting as an English major and improvisational theatre actor. It was there where I started taking songwriting seriously. 

 I got fired from my first job out of college for turning the office fodder into scathing comics I'd email to my boyfriend from the company computer. I know. it was a learning experience: Do it from home, dummy.

I'm always in pursuit of The Story. This obsession has dragged me around. The following are word associations with various places I've managed to survive throughout the journey:

Holland, MI = Marching bands, Big Red, Fire Pits

Grand Rapids, MI= Curried Eggs and Coffee, Craft Beer

Lincoln, OR = Mountains, Deep Convo, Leonard Cohen

The Woods, WI = Mosquitoes, Canoes, Praise n Worship

Philadelphia, PA = Cockroaches, Apple Computers, Pot

South Jersey = Traffic, McMansions, Red Sauce

New York City = The Underground, Books, Rendezvous

Woodstock, NY = Witches, Wombs, Records

Brattleboro, VT = Weezer, Farms, Dick (no, not...)

Victoria, BC = Fog Horns, Dog Poop, Prayer

While living in Woodstock: I had the amazing opportunity to record with the inimitable Julie Last. I've recorded 3 additional studio albums, as well as countless self-produced singles. Another musical moment I treasure is the time I spent in Nashville with the Nashville Christian Songwriters collective. (I'll be back, Y'all!)

Since 2017, I've been on Vancouver Island where I work as the Music Director at a grassroots church, through which I write and sing my own songs. I also write personal essays and am drawing a graphic novelish thing. I enjoy hiking the incredible landscapes, working at thee quintessential general store, participating as a member of an intentional Christ-centered urban community, spending quality time in my home studio loft, laughing with my 9-yr-old son, and cooing over my handsome cat, Mario.



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